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  • How much is OpenOffice?

    The great benefit of Open Office is that it’s free! There’s no cost at all for buying and using the standard package of OpenOffice on any number of computers. This contrasts wildly with the cost of Microsoft Office, which can cost anything from $149.99 to $399.99 depending on the edition. This cost is prohibitive for everyday users and many families, so OpenOffice makes access to word processing and other office tools possible for many more users.

  • Is OpenOffice open source software?

    OpenOffice is open source, which is part of the reason why it’s free to use. Open source software is designed with transparency- anyone can see the nuts and bolts behind it and is free to create changes and additions. The parent company Apache does not make money by selling the software and users are free to use it however they wish, including changing and redistributing it. This leads to a more organic development process and removes issues around licensing.

  • Is Open Office compatible with Microsoft Office?

    Yes, OpenOffice is designed to work with Microsoft Office as much as possible. The key lies in file formats- OpenOffice can open and edit all Microsoft Office documents without significant compatibility problems. A missing font can occur, but this is rare. However, it should be noted that OpenOffice cannot save a document in Microsoft Office’s official format (.docx).

  • Can you open an OpenOffice document in Word?

    Unfortunately, the default OpenOffice file format cannot be opened in Microsoft Office. However, it is possible to save a file in the .doc format in OpenOffice, which can be opened by Microsoft Office. The recipient of the file can then choose to resave it as a .docx or whatever format they prefer. This is done by looking in the File > Save As menu in OpenOffice.

  • How much storage space does OpenOffice take up?

    This software requires at least 650 megabytes of disk space for the default download installation, including a JRE. Once the software is installed and temporary files are deleted, around 440 MB of disk space are used. These amounts may vary depending on choices made while downloading, as some aspects of OpenOffice are modular. The software needs 256 MB of RAM memory to run, but 512 BM are recommended.

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