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Free alternatives to office

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Free alternatives to office

Microsoft Office is, arguably, is the most powerful productivity suite out there. But even though it is quite affordable, especially for students and individuals, not everyone wants to pay. So, today we are going to bring you the best five free alternatives to Office.

The well-known OpenOffice, is a powerful alternative to Microsoft’s offering. Published by Apache, this suite is considered the open source pioneer of desktop productivity suites. It includes four main applications: Writer, Calc, Impress, and Base – which are basically Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Excel respectively. But while the default version of these are all great, what makes Open Office so good are its installable add-ons that greatly increase its power.

LibreOffice is one of those names that always appears when discussing alternatives to Microsoft's Office. It separated from OpenOffice in early 2011, when Oracle took over this fan beloved project. They began to create a new version with the same ethos, which resulted in the birth of LibreOffice, a suite that continues to grow and renew itself to this day thanks to the support of its ever growing number of followers. In truth, LibreOffice is very similar to OpenOffice, but provides greater compatibility and a faster update cycle.

Google Docs is one of the best free alternative to Office. This suite has the same number of options you would expect to find in any Office package and is incredibly versatile – though it does demand an internet connection. All you need is a Gmail account to access Drive, and from there you can store, manage, and edit all kind of documents you have created with their online applications – which are also Android and iOS compatible. You can share documents with others, and all chances are automatically stored – don’t worry though, you can also revert to previous saves.

FreeOffice is not as well-known as the other free office options, which is why we were so surprised by its quality. It offers TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentation'll programs – so you feel like you are missing very little from the alternative. In addition to this it is fully compatible with Microsoft’s file types, and it is very lightweight program – occupying very little space and providing nice and nippy performance. It’s so small, in fact, that you can install it and run it from a flash drive. Simple, easy to use, and great for older PC. It may not be for power users though…

A good alternative to Office, is Office, Office Online that is, Microsoft’s connected service that integrates with its OneDrive storage solution. The online account grants access to slightly stripped back version of Word, Excel, and Power Point – along with a few extras like One Note and the new Sway. All you have to do is long in and you can create new documents and upload files to OneDrive – then just start editing it from any device or location. It even integrates Skype into each applications to facilitate collaborative work. So, yeah, one of the best free alternatives to Office is Office.

And there you have it, 5 apps to help you get productive without spending a penny. If you think we have forgotten any, as always, just let us know in the comments. And if you enjoyed this video, like and share it.

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